Writing a bio can seem easy but in reality it’s the most duanting task. How do you explain what you do in just 150 words or less? There’s just so much to say how are you supposed to break it down to only a few sentences? Don’t worry, I’ve got you with 5 easy steps for a kickass instagram bio!



1. What’s your title?

When thinking about what you do, can you describe it in just a few words or less? Don’t worry, I know it’s hard and you’re not alone. Think about it this way: What do you want someone to introduce you as at a party?

Pro tip: Explain it like you’re explaining it to a 5-year-old!

2. Benefits


The biggest most important thing to think about when writing up your bio is that your profile page is NOT about you but what can you do for your followers?


If you’re a musician, think about how your music benefits your followers. Will it make them dance? Do you work with a specific type of genre – how does that benefit your followers?

If you’re an actor and work in a specific genre, let’s say comedy, you can say something along the lines of “making people laugh since 2005 [or insert movie title]”. If you work across a variety of genres you can talk about that as well.

For businesses, you want to think about how your products will benefit your followers. Will it make them feel beautiful? More stylish? Vibrant?

If you’re a musician, you want to let your followers know what you’ve done and what you’re about and why they should follow you. If you worked on some pretty big records or with big artists put it on there! Don’t be shy, show it off! 

People wanna know what does this do for me? why should I follow you? Do you give outfit inspirations? funny videos? music to heal the soul? Instagram is not about you, but what can you do for your followers

3. Who is your account for?

Your profile isn’t for everyone. You know who your ideal follower is and that’s who you want to be on your page.  You want people to come to your page, read your bio and say, “They’re awesome, I want to know more!” When an account is tailor-made for a follower, there’s a higher chance of turning them into a fan/customer. So ask yourself, “who is this account for?”

Pro tip: Add some emojis in there to give yourself more characters. It’s a great way to make yourself more human and show off your personality – but keep in mind there’s a fine line between professional and unprofessional. Keep it relevant to what you’re talking about!

4. Contact Information

It’s not enough to assume people will just DM you. And think about how many DMs you get and having to sort through everything to figure out what’s spam and what’s important in your Other folder. You have to make it easy for everyone to contact you. So tell me, how can I contact you? Email, phone, address (physical location)? Add it into the bio section as it makes it easier to see your contact info right away instead of having to take an extra step of pushing the email button to contact you directly or sending people to your DMs and giving yourself extra work to sort through it all.

5. Party Favor

No one constantly likes being asked for something, let alone to buy something. So before you ask for something you gotta give something. You can’t expect for someone to go on IG and be consistently selling and promoting without giving something away. You have to give something to your followers before they would ever become a customer. The party favor is something that you give something to someone. It can be:


Free Merch (giveaway)

Helpful Quiz

Video Tutorial

Hear new music before anyone else

Ticket giveaway

You get the point. The biggest thing you want to do is to try and point them to grow your newsletter list. If Facebook and IG shuts down tomorrow, will you have all of their emails? You don’t own IG, FB, TikTok or Twitter and you never know what’s going to happen (looking at you TikTok 👀) give yourself the insurance of having all of your ravings fans emails so you’ll still be able to contact them if something goes down.

So there you have it! The secret formula to a kickass Instagram bio! Try it out for yourself:

What do you do + Who is your account for + Benefits of following you + Contact Info + Party Favor

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