Frequently Asked Questions



What is a Social Media Manager and Why Do I Need one?

Are you feeling frustrated with social media? Not sure how to achieve your goal? Maybe you’re just starting a business and lack a clear vision on what you want your branding and voice to be online. A Social Media Manager is someone who helps you bring the vision of your brand to life. We help clarify your goals and vision and create a strategy to help you achieve your desired results on social media and then put the plan into action.

In other words, we handle the day-to-day activities including: creating, curating, and managing all published content and social media marketing campaigns so you can focus on the more important things in your brand.


Will a Social Media Manager work for me? 

Yes! Social Media can work for any company or entertainer and is one of the most essential things to have today.  It allows you to further connect with your followers and maintain that connection like no other outlet.


How many followers will I receive within the first month?

Although we would love to be able to predict the future and the exact number of followers that you will receive on your pages, the real answer is that every account is unique and grows in their own way. We can guarantee that you will receive an increase on your page, and suggest the 3-6 month rage of really seeing an overall change in your engagement and followers from implementing our strategy.


How much do your services cost?

Since every client has their own goals and are at different journeys in their career, we customize all of our packages to each client with pricing starting at $2500.


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