You probably always hear experts say that one of the most important factors of an Instagram page is the theme. But why? Your theme, or aesthetic, gives visitors to your page a quick sense of what your brand is all about. Some themes are vibrant and colorful, while others are dark and edgy. It may seem overwhelming, trying to choose photos that fit with your desired theme. Lucky for you, we have three fave tools that can help ease the stress of putting your Instagram theme together.
Check them out below!


Ever wish you could see what your feed will look like before you go ahead and post that photo? Well, that’s why the Internet gods gave us UNUM. It lets you do just that. With UNUM, you can upload up to 18 photos so that you can play around and rearrange them in order to plan your feed. On top of that, the app has built-in filters as well as analytics such as your top posts, your best days and times to post, and your best hashtags. And that’s just for the free plan! The paid plan has even more goodies!

Download for Apple here and for Andriod here.


Sometimes you don’t always have time to post at the time most of your followers are actively online. OnlyPult is the perfect solution for that problem! The site allows you to schedule Instagram posts in advance, including the caption, photo tagging, and geo-tagging. It isn’t free, but their plants start at $15 a month and just for our readers you’ll get 10% off your first month!

Check it out here!


Gone are the days of slapping a Valencia filter on a photo and calling it a day. Now, there are so many more options for enhancing a photo and it is as easy as editing straight from your phone. Our favorite photo editing app is VSCO for it’s wide variety of gorgeous filters and extensive adjustment features! For a consistent theme, be sure to stick with 2-3 filters.

Download on Apple here and on Android here.

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