You’ve got the music side handled, but you’re struggling to get your name out there.

Your social media is like crickets and your followers aren’t engaging or growing.

You don’t have the funds to hire a social media manager to help you increase your fanbase.

You’re looking for someone to help you increase your social media, but in more of a DIY style.

Have no fear, that’s what this workbook will do!

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Stated they don't track their links


Don't Use Hashtags Properly


Musicians who don't have a clear brand
















Let’s be honest, you’ve got the music side handled now you just need the people to listen to it. If you are struggling to grow your social media following, you’ll learn EXACTLY what you need to do to reach the right fans and grow your following.
In this workbook you’ll learn:

✓ How to find the core message of your brand
✓ Who your fans are and where to find them
✓ How to use the right hashtags
and more!

If you’re over not growing your social media, then this workbook is for you!

ONLY $49.95!